To avoid any inconvenience, we ask you to check, as soon as the goodsare received, that all the products are in good condition whenthey arrived. The time limit for any claims is seven days from the receipt of the goods.   

Para facilitar el proceso, es necesario que cuando se notifique una incidencia se adjunte una imágen donde se pueda apreciar la tara, o el error que se quiera notificar. 


No product change is permitted unless the product has a defect, if there is no stock, or if there is an error in the shipement. In the absence of stock, a fabric change is accepted. In the event of an error in the shipment, we would be grateful if you could inform us of the incident throught:, we will send the correct goods and take back the wrong ones.


Refund can only bemade in a case of tare on the product, or error during the shipement. to proceed with the referral,the incident must be communicatedto btob@babyshower.eswithin seven days of receipt of the goods. Once of the items have been examined by one of our administrators, we collect the product, when it is received, we will proceed to the payement , by the same method and payement for wich the purchase was made. Once the mail is received, the process can take 2-4 business days from collection to composting. 



Orders are delivered within approximately 48 business hours to one week. We strive in all possible cases to send orders as quickly as possible, but in some cases there may be a shortage of stock resulting in a delivery delay of two weeks. In the event of a significant delay, we will proceed with a first partial shipement, followed by a second one with the goods awaiting shipment, followed by a second one with the goodsawaiting shipment. The shipping costs for this second shipment will be offered to the customer.