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Made in Europe
We were born in the center of Barcelona and we got into this world with the help of proffessionals of wide trajectory in clothing. They taught us everything and our first productswere made one by one on request. Over time, we have expanded the tailors and  workshops that accompagny us in this adventure and their involvement and affection towards the brand are a key piece. Our workshops for larger productions are in Barcelona and Portugal and whenever possible we choose locals suppliers for both furnitures and fabrics.We believed that Made in Europe is a valued value both here and in other markets, and that is why we have some pride in being able to flag it. 

The quality you feel
We like Babyshower products reflect the quality and care we've put into making them. That is why we are attentive to the finishes and small details. From a zipper handlle, througt the lining of suitcase and ending a blanket pick up. Everything adds up and contributes to our product, you don't know why, it looks prettier. The same thing happens with fabrics. The tone, touch and composition, one equation that we care about to offer you what is (what we consider to be) best for your baby. 100% cotton with Got and Oeko-Tex Organic certification, 100% natural Flax with Oeko-Tex certificate

If you want to know more about us, contact us at : info@babyshower.es.